Our goal at Tannin is to provide a relaxed environment where you can enjoy a drink and share a small plate with your friends, family, and colleagues. You'll find award winning meats and cheeses, and some great wines you probably won't find at the grocery store.  Don't worry beer drinkers , we haven't forgotten about you. We also carry a wide variety of craft beers by the bottle.


Tom and Mary Curley are no strangers to Main Street Marshalltown.  They owned and operated Mary Katherine’s Bridal for twelve years, and were both instrumental in the development of the Main Street Program in 2000.  

The story begins as Tom and Mary were sitting at a wine bar in Des Moines enjoying a fine bottle (or 2) of wine with their daughter and Son-In-Law, Alli and Brock Johnson.  The relaxing atmosphere, good company (and wine) prompted Mary to say, “Why can’t Marshalltown have a place like this?”, to which Brock responded, “Why don’t you two open one?”

On their way home, the topic arose and they started to discuss the possibilities. Where would it be located? How much money would it take? Who would work for us? Everything had to be “just right". 


The Kibbey Building on Main Street was being restored by Barb Hagstrand and Jeff Mitchell.  They knew Barb from their Mary Katherine’s days as she lived right across the alley. A visit with Barb and Jeff, and lots of due diligence over a four month period led them to sign a lease in January 2018. In that moment Tannin was born.

Since then, countless hours have been spent researching, planning, drawing, tasting, and shopping. With the help of their Daughter and Son-in-Law, and their Manager Val Busse, Tannin hopes to deliver a truly unique option for Marshalltown. We hope you will agree. We can't wait to see you all, and to share our love for wine and food.


Front: Val Busse, Lindsey Marlow, Bridget Loney

Back: Tarin Stern, Tyler Johnson


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